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The mission statement of the Herb Society of America is to "promote the knowledge, use and delight of herbs through educational programs, research and sharing the experience of its members with the community.

The Society is committed to protecting our global environment for the health and well- being of humankind and all growing things. We encourage gardeners to practice environmentally sound horticulture.

The Motto of the Society is taken from the herbalist, John Parkinson: "For Use and Delight"
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August  15,  2018
10 AM to 12 Noon

Presbyterian Church
956 RR 2325
Wimberley TX


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Capers – Capparis spinosa

• Capers are the flower buds of the flinders rose (or caper bush) Capparis spinosa
• This thorny shrub is native to the Mediterranean and hardy to USDA zone 9
• Capers thrive in hot dry climates
• Grows as a mounding shrub with a sprawling habit
• The flower buds are hand-picked then either pickled, brined or packed in salt to preserve
• The bitter flavor is mellowed by pickling, resulting in a salty, slightly sweet taste
• Buds that bloom produce a white flower with purple stamens which then will form a small fruit called a caperberry.
• Caperberries are also pickled and are often served on antipasto platters or used as a garnish for martinis

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