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The mission statement of the Herb Society of America is to "promote the knowledge, use and delight of herbs through educational programs, research and sharing the experience of its members with the community.

The Society is committed to protecting our global environment for the health and well- being of humankind and all growing things. We encourage gardeners to practice environmentally sound horticulture.

The Motto of the Society is taken from the herbalist, John Parkinson: "For Use and Delight"
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Next Meeting Date

May  16,  2018
10 AM to 12 Noon

Presbyterian Church
956 RR 2325
Wimberley TX

 Growing and Culinary uses for Gingers and her cousins presented by 
Sara Holland & Henry Flowers​

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• Also known as sweet marjoram, is milder and sweeter than oregano which is in the same family
• Often listed and confused with oregano because they are closely related
• Is one of over 200 genera in the Lamiaceae (mint) family
• Is one of the few members of the Origanum family that is used in the perfume industry to scent
soaps, lotions and colognes
• The fragrance can be described as floral and woodsy, reminiscent of nutmeg and cardamom, while
oregano is more pungent and spicy
• The mild, sweet flavor compliments many vegetables and is used in a variety of sweet and savory